JANUARY EPIC RAK CHALLENGE: Do Something with the Burrito Riders!



This year, we are doing to issue monthly Epic RAKLouisville challenges to give everyone an opportunity to plan and do something really amazing.  Our January challenge is to do something with The Burrito Riders. They ride every other Saturday and really do need our support in providing them Breakfast burritos to pass our to the needy in our city. They can easily pass out up to 300++ breakfast burritos.

Here is a link to their website which has their recipe and details on where they meet. http://burritoriders.org/home/serve/

If you would like to make burritos, please email them or message them on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/BurritoRiders/

We have done it as a family and made one batch of burritos. We have also involved our friends and had a burrito rolling party.


Here are some other pics of groups making the burritos: http://raklouisville.com/?p=177

#RAKLouisville shows some love to TARC Drivers!

#RAKLouisville shows some love to TARC Drivers!


One of our friends, Ms. Kim had an AWESOME RAKLouisville today!!!!! She made goody bags – with water and goodies and gave it away to TARC drivers. They were all very surprised to receive them – something so unexpected from a stranger. One of the drivers did not believe her, he had never received anything for free before! This is amazing.




We are always so excited to see and hear about RAKs. Here are a few early stories and hoping it will inspire you to do your own RAK.

Lainey took food platters to medical professionals who are working through this week. We thought that was an awesome idea to spread cheer! Great Idea, Lainey.



We say on Twitter that a teachers received school supplies from her Dr.’s office. So, if you know a teacher, RAK them with school supplies.



RAK Frankfort Avenue 2015

RAK Frankfort Avenue 2015

This has become one of our favorite traditions – handing out goody bags to businesses on Frankfort Ave. and paying a visit to the Firehouse down the road from our school.


Our first stop was the Firehouse which is down the road from Barret Middle School. We took extra special treats for them. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Deeley for bringing the best for our first responders. I think they really liked us stopping by and talking to them. We had fun too.


We were hoping that they will have a really fun dinner on us!!!


Next, we went ahead to some of the businesses.

All of us made goody bags – they were all different but lots of fun. Some had candy and some had hot chocolate kits and it all was really festive. Anyone receiving it would be very happy!

12373211_528690250631258_2039547124647964017_nPeople were always really happy to see us and it made them happy to receive these bags!


We went on to St. Matthews to a Korean Restaurant – Charim. The owners was ecstatic that we chose to stop by and visit them.

10265_528691557297794_8353150066654471528_nWe got clear bags and filled them with individual packages of candy and cookies, we put Christmas labels on them and tied some string or ribbon.


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