Burrito Riders of Louisville – A really fun #RAKlouisville


This is the most awesome thing ever. There is a group of people right here in Louisville, who ride their bikes and deliver burritos to the homeless right here in Louisville, KY. I loved their name and I love breakfast burritos so I think this will be a cool #RAKLouisville, especially for those who like to ride their bike. You can volunteer in 2 ways. You can ride with them and deliver burritos or you make breakfast burritos (there is a recipe on the website) and then you meet up with a group and give the riders the burritos to deliver . If you are a student, you must have a parent ride with you I think.

I emailed Mr. Adkins who started the group and he was excited that I was going to share it with our friends.

For those in Louisville, if you are interested in helping either to ride with them or make burritos, you can email Mr. John Nolan ( jnolan@phillipsllc.com). He is the person in charge of the Louisville riders.

Here are some details from their website (http://burritoriders.org/)
The Louisville Ride: We ride on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. Our meet-up spot is the Kroger on Goss (near Eastern Parkway) at 8:30am. Bring your bike AND your helmet. Our ride is typically around 10-12 miles (shorter in the colder months), depending on how quickly we give out our burritos, and it is a very accessible ride for all fitness levels and most ages. Our pace isn’t too fast and we stop frequently. We’ve had kids as young as 11 or 12 ride with us!


With the cold weather, the Burrito Riders are also collecting  sleeping bags to distribute to the needy. Please think about helping them with this. If you have a sleeping bag in good shape or if you can buy a sleeping bag for this cause, you can drop it off with me or you can contact Mr. Nolan.   Here is a link that talks about sleeping bags they need. http://burritoriders.org/donate/

Here is a link to their website: http://www.burritoriders.org/

Here is a link to the burrito recipe: http://burritoriders.org/serve/

Here is their Facebook page: ://www.facebook.com/BurritoRiders

You can also follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/burritoriders

This is an AWESOME way to do something for our community. We hope you can help out!!

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