Can you raise $54?


RAK Louisville has teamed up with Emily Duffy (@emilytduffy) to raise money for sleeping bags called Duffily Bags for the homeless in Ireland. Emily invented this sleeping bag design to come up with a solution that is lightweight and weather resistant. Mendicity Institution in Dublin now make the bags and they are staffed by folks who have experienced homelessness. Watch video below for information about Emily and the sleeping bag.

I met Emily a few weeks ago and I was so impressed not only with her project but her heart to change the world. I knew that we had to Step Up and help. How awesome is this? RAK Louisville stepping up to make an impact in Ireland! Truly, if we work together, we can change the world!!!

Our RAK Louisville challenge is for you to use your gifts and talents to raise just $54.

The sleeping bags cost US$54 to make. The money you donate has the power to change 2 lives – the person making it and the person receiving the sleeping bag.

HOW TO DONATE: RAK Louisville is a registered non-profit. You can make checks out to RAK or RAK Louisville. Please email us for the address. You can also Donate Online on our website. If you have any questions, please email:

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