Snack Kit Blitz!

Snack Kit Blitz!

We need 2000 snack kits by June 27th to be distributed to day campers at Bates Community Development Corporation: Smoketown Summer Camp, hosted at YouthBuild  and for 2Not1 Fatherhood and Families.

Please note that these are different from our usual snack/meal bags.

These will be snacks only that are suitable for day campers. If you would prefer to donate, please donate on our website. Our student volunteers will be happy to assemble the snack kits.

We will have a drop off site on June 27th Saturday morning.

Stay tuned for more information.
This is a project we are taking on in collaboration with the Mayor’s office and Metro United Way.

We will still be involved in the distribution as usual.
Thank you all for your generous donations so far to meet the needs of students in our community. Let’s do this and get the 2000 snack kits going.

Items in the snack kit: Let’s try and keep it as healthy as possible but also something fun for the kids to snack on. We recommend at least 5 items with one of those being a water or juice. We recommend you include a fruit cup or apple sauce, granola bar, crackers and a sweet treat.

Tips on organizing a neighborhood snack bag drive.

Tips on organizing a neighborhood snack bag drive.

Searching for ways to serve the community at this time? RAK needs your help! We are asking our community to offer time and resources by leading a neighborhood drive for snack bags. This is a great at-home family activity that will support people in our city. The snack bags will be a great meal supplement for students and adults who need help with food during these weeks.  We encourage you to take on this simple yet impactful community project.

There are many ways to spread the word to your neighborhood. Drive leaders can use text message group chats, neighborhood FaceBook pages, the Nextdoor app, neighborhood newsletters and message boards, and our snack bag visuals on our social media (Instagram- @raklouisville).  

As for the bags themselves, they are simple!

Items needed:

  • Clear gallon freezer bags
  • Main meal items (ex: ramen, tuna kit, mac and cheese)
  • 4 or more snack items (ex: fruit cups, granola bars, chips

Here is an example of snack bag contents for reference:


The coordinator should pick a date and location to collect the bags, and each family can assemble the bags within their own home. Even if you only get a few families involved, your giving goes a long way. There are people in our city who are struggling, and as a community it is our job to ensure that everyone gets through this together.  After spreading the word to your neighborhood, pick a date and let us know through our email !

We will be happy to pick the bags up from your front porch. RAK will proceed to donate the bags to organizations around Louisville! We have already collected roughly 4,000 snack bags which have gone to organizations  like UP Louisville ,  Kentuckiana Boys and Girls Clubs (Shawnee, Parkland and Newburg locations), Hope Place Louisville (, Americana Community Center ( and even families in JCPS.  

Let’s love on our community even more. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about leading a drive, please contact us at or reference our social media on Instagram, FaceBook, and twitter @raklouisville.



How can we help? This is the #1 question that is asked of us.

Well, we would love to mobilize all of you to go ahead and make snack bags. This will be a great meal supplement for students and adults who need some help with food during these weeks. We have to support them through our community and grassroots channels.
If all of us made 25 snack bags, we can tackle this project pretty quickly. The picture below has a snapshot of items that can be included. We will do our best to distribute through the partners we work with and keep you informed.

We have also set up an Amazon wish list for these items.
You know, this will take all of us to help out. Thank you for your willingness to serve with us.

– Andrew

What goes into a snack bags:

Include a main item – Tuna kits, ramen or mac and cheese (the kind that you add water), granola bars, fruit cups, chips, crackers, Goldfish, mini muffins. Whatever you can easily find – it has to be store bought and individually packaged. Make it a full bag so it can be a meal for someone if it needs to be.


Porch pickup is available in the Louisville areas. Please email to schedule.








5 tips on how to organize a Food Drive

5 tips on how to organize a Food Drive

Many people are intimidated when we suggest that they organize a food drive. Adults and students prefer to order food items off our Amazon List or to drop off can goods. While this is greatly appreciated, we are encouraging you step out of your comfort zone and organize a food drive!

Pick a pantry.

In this case, we encourage you to pick the Byck Elementary Neighborhood Pantry!
Arm yourself with information about why you picked this pantry. For example,it is local, located in the West-end of Louisville. The pantry serves students, their families, and other people in the neighborhood who struggle with food insecurity.

Pick a date!

When do you want to run this food drive? We would suggest you accept donations for no more than a week or two.
Pick a week that is convenient for you. You could make it a project around your birthday or any other special day.

Make a List

A list makes it easier for people to contribute. Once you have gathered the items that you need, people can reference the list.
See below for list


Who are you going to ask to donate? What large groups are you a part of? Listing these out may help you in this step. Here are some examples:

  • Your family!
  • It could be your class in school. Ask your teacher if you can make it a class project.
  • It could be your youth group ( church, synagogue, mosque or temple). Ask the leaders if you can run a food drive.
  • You could ask your team! Basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, theater, etc. It is a great team building exercise to serve together.

Be confident! You can do this.

Ask everyone. Don’t be afraid of getting turned down. This is a great cause. This is something good. Use your resources like social media!


Suggested Food List for Byck Elementary

Non-Perishable items:

  • Canned meat (tuna, chicken, sausage, SPAM, chili)
  • Canned vegetables (green beans, corn, greens, peas, sweet potatoes)
  • Cereal (box)
  • Pasta
  • Canned fruit
  • Crackers
  • Oatmeal
  • Flour/Corn Meal
  • Dried Potatoes
  • Snacks (fruit bars, fruit, granola bars, animal crackers, etc)
  • Instant Mac and Cheese (Just add water)
  • Oil

Refrigerated items:

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Sandwich meat
  • ½ gallon milk
  • ½ gallon orange juice
  • Hot dogs
  • Bologna
  • Rolls
  • Fruits (apples, pears, etc)

Frozen items:

  • Chicken tenders/nuggets
  • French fries/tater tots
  • Lasagna/dinner meals
  • Meats (ground beef, chicken, etc)
A Food and Toiletries Pantry in the Shawnee area

A Food and Toiletries Pantry in the Shawnee area

RAK Louisville is partnering with Shawnee Christian Health Center ( to help them set up a Food and Toiletries pantry in their facility.

Food Items Needed

  • Canned Meat (tune, Chicken, Sausage, SPAM)
  • Canned vegetables (peas, corn, green beans)
  • Cereal Boxes
  • Spaghetti and Spaghetti sauce
  • Canned fruit
  • Oatmeal
  • Instant Potatoes
  • Snacks (granola bars, Crackers)
  • Macaroni and Cheese

Toiletries Needed

  • Shampoo
  • Body Wash
  • Deodorant
  • Baby Wipes
  • Sanitary napkins & Tampons
  • Shaving Cream

You can drop off the items directly at Shawnee Christian Health Center (234 Amy Ave, Louisville, KY 40212) or you can drop it off at Eberle Orthodontics (13913 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40245)

2019 Snow Day Challenge: Burritos from Burrito Riders

It was an unexpected 2 Snow Days in the Louisville area. We took the opportunity to issue a Snow Day challenge to make a batch of breakfast burritos for the Burrito Riders. We made it a challenge and offered a Chipotle gift card to the first 5 burrito makers.
This challenge has been highly successful.


The winners of our 5 Chipotle Gift cards are Mimi from Sacred Heart Academy, 8th grader Matthew from Our Lady of Lourdes, Molly Wilson from Male High School, Landry (CEC) and Bowen. Shoutout to the Colemans and their Barret friends who also spent their afternoon making burritos.

Thank You!!!! Your generosity is much appreciated by the Burrito Riders of Louisville.

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