Forgotten Louisville


This is one of our regular serving spots. I thought we would update the info since they have moved.

– Forgotten Louisville is open to the needy EVERY WEDNESDAY from 7 -8 pm.

– We meet at Champions Park, off River Road

– Anyone can sign up to bring food for the evening. It is serving together so you can just bring what you can – maybe for 25 or more. You can also bring snacks and drinks. Different people bring different things. Sometime groups get together and bring things together.

– You can bring snacks: Bananas, oranges, chips, crackers, cookies

– You can bring other basic needs: toiletries, diapers, coats, gloves, etc. Many people just drive in, bring out a table and place their items on a folding table behind their cars. People come and take what they need

– You can be a regular contributor. I think that if you are comfortable serving here, it would be good to do it on a schedule. We try to have a RAK Louisville table there once a month. That way, they can count on us for one Wednesday a month. And, all of you can join us and check it out. I thought it was a great idea.


Tiny, the person who started Forgotten Louisville came over to talk to all the Barret kids.




A Middle School small group from Southeast did the RAK Louisville one Wednesday.




This group wrote encouraging messages on the oranges!!!


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