How you can be part of RAKlouisville

Start looking for opportunities to RAK around you – in your school, your neighborhood, your work, your city. You will be amazed at how many different things you can easily do.

Tell your friends about RAKLouisville, and ask them to join us in making our city kinder and happier. You can ask your school friends, your team-mates, you family and if you are on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you can share these idea there.

Set a goal. Set a goal of once a week, or every Tuesday, or for everyday for a week to do a Random Act of Kindness. You can start small – start by opening doors, helping someone unload their groceries, etc.

You can even do something big in a group – like your group of friends, or your soccer or basketball team or your family. You could go to the parking lot of a grocery store like Kroger and help people load their groceries. Please ask and work with your parents and coaches. Do not do anything without permission from your parents.

It is important that you remain anonymous when you can and also do something nice for people who cannot repay you.

Please share your experience and your ideas on or on twitter #RAKLouisville so others can see what you have done.

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