Join us as we #RAKLouisville



Please, please join us as we RAKLouisville starting December 1. Here is our chance to really show how much we care for our city and the people who live in it. I hope you tell your friends about RAKLouisville so they can join us in making our city kinder and happier. You can share this idea with your school friends, your team-mates and your family.

Here are a few easy ideas to get you started:

1. Just hold the door for someone wherever you are. Even at school.

2. Tape a few quarters to a vending machine with a note to ask folks to use the change

3. If there is a laundromat close to you, place some quarters ready to go for the next person who walks up to it.

It is amazing how just a little bit of kindness will brighten someone’s day!


In Kindness,

Andrew Dunn


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