Krispy Kreme Snowmen RAK



My most favorite thing to eat for breakfast are donuts. We don’t have them often so it is always a happy day when there are donuts for breakfast. During Christmas a few years ago, my mom’s friend, Mrs. Hollin brought me and my friends snowman donuts from Krispy Kreme. These are the best donuts ever. All my friends are always excited to eat them.

So, I went to Krispy Kreme before school on Wednesday, and we bought 3 dozen Snowman donuts for my class and my teachers. They were all so happy to see them. Even my teachers were excited to have the Snowman donuts.  This is a great RAK. You can just even buy a few or 1/2 dozen to give to someone at school, your office or wherever. It will brighten their day that someone gave them a Krispy Kreme Snowman donut.

Keep RAK-ing!




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