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Random Acts of Kindness & Epic Acts of Service

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How can we help?

Well, we would love to mobilize all of you to go ahead and make snack bags. This will be a great meal supplement for students and adults who need some help with food during these weeks. We have to support them through our community and grassroots channels.

Snack Bags!


Our Wishes

We are currently assembling snack bags and distributing them to different sites around that city that are open. Please order off our Amazon wishlist for items that would be included in these bags:

Our Latest RAKs

Surprise someone who works outside with Coffee or Hot Chocolate

By Andrew | December 2, 2013

Everyday, Mrs. Walker, our Assistant Principal works in car rider line. She always says “Good morning” and “Have a great Day”. She is there even when it is cold and rainy. She also works with the school Safety Patrol. Today, we brought them all Hot Chocolate – Mrs. Walker and the School Safety Patrol. Maybe you can look around for people who are working outside in the cold. The Car Rider teachers, your school Crossing Guard, your school bus driver or maybe the LG&E person. I think anyone would like some hot chocolate when you are outside in the cold. For Kindness, Andrew Dunn        

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Start someone’s day off right. Take them a fun breakfast!

By Andrew | December 1, 2013

    This is something really easy to do to start someone’s day. They will surely have a great day if someone surprised them first thing in the morning! With Breakfast. Donuts!!!! We went to Heitzman’s Bakery and got a dozen beautiful looking glazed donuts. (You can go anywhere. We went to Heitzman’s because it was close). I took it back home and put a bow on it and then slowly walked it over to a neighbor’s house. We don’t know them very well but they have kids and they always seem friendly. I went over there and rang the doorbell. Their dog started to bark and I quickly ran away so they did not see me. I had to hide behind the big tree in our yard as they came out to look. It was really exciting. I hope that they got the treats and had them for breakfast!!    

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A Starbucks Idea!

By Andrew | November 27, 2013

  This is an idea from my friend Skylar. I think it is a good one and an easy one. It can be done in any coffee shop around the world, even in Malaysia. SKYLAR’S IDEA Skylar says:  The other day at Starbucks, this random guy was like, ” hey I think that I should pay for the car behind me today, and then they will pay for the person behind them, and it will just go on and on!” So once we were in line at the window at paying, the lady who works at Starbucks said “hello, today a guy said he would pay for the person behind him, and so your drink Is pretty much free.” my mom said that it was a very good idea and that she would pay for the person behind her. I thought that it was a really good idea too. The next time we go through a drive through I will ask my mom if we can pay for the person behind us. Thanks again for the great idea! Thank you Skylar for sharing your idea. I think this is something really easy that we can do. There are always so…

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Hi. Meet Andrew

Andrew Dunn is the founder of a movement called RAK Louisville (Random Acts of Kindness Louisville). Andrew started this movement as a 5th grader in December 2012 and his goal is to flood the city of Louisville with random acts of kindness and epic acts of service. As the leader of this movement, he works hard to identify serving opportunities throughout the community that are suitable for students, promote RAK Louisville projects and continue to raise up RAK Louisville team leaders who can lead projects.

Andrew is a student at duPont Manual High School and is always happy to hear from anyone in the community interested in RAK Louisville.

About RAK Louisville

RAK Louisville (Random Acts of Kindness Louisville) is  a movement to flood this city of Louisville with random acts of kindness and epic acts of service. We identify serving opportunities throughout the community that are suitable for students, promote RAK Louisville projects and continue to raise up RAK Louisville team leaders who can lead projects throughout our community. The Mayor of Louisville has proclaimed December 23rd as Random Acts of Kindness Louisville (RAK Louisville) Day. We work hard to encourage as many people and teams to participate on this day to bring awareness to RAKLouisville.

We launch monthly challenges that benefit different grassroots organizations that serve the homeless and needy in the Louisville area. We are committed to spreading the idea of kindness and service in schools through RAK Clubs. We want to continue to challenge students to use their passion to change our city and live their lives with purpose.

Don’t live in Louisville? You may have to start one in your community!


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Andrew Dunn, raklouisville@gmail.com