RAK Advent Calendar! These students are ROCKIN #RAKLouisville

These middle school students are owning Random Acts of Kindness


So, my mom’s friend, Mrs, Jennifer Zink sent us this story and ideas from a group she leads. These are the AWESOME ladies of Northside Christian Church’s Weds Night Re-fuel (New Albany).

They joined us last year in doing RAKs but this year, they started early and they are spreading kindness in their community, their schools and their family. They are fantastic!!! I think it is amazing that people I have not even met yet are joining us and doing amazing things with RAK Louisville.


So, how cool. They combined all their RAK ideas and made a calendar and with everyone doing something on the list everyday, it will spread kindness quickly. Looks closely at her picture and you will see the numbers and where they have added RAK ideas.

 Maria Hopper is holding her paper chain that they  used to countdown their advent calendar.

Maria Hopper is holding her paper chain that they used to countdown their advent calendar.


I think you can use this as a guide to help you do random acts of kindness around your community. You can also personalize these ideas and make it your own. Or even, make changes to it.  I would recommend that if you are doing anything edible that you either sign a card so they know who it is from, or make sure it is store-bought (still in packaging).

  1. Pack up a bag of clothes from your room to donate to charity.
  2. Take baked goods to the fire station.
  3. Leave coins on a vending machine or at the car wash
  4. Pay for the car behind you in the fast food drive thru
  5. Leave a treat on car windshields
  6. Leave lottery tickets somewhere to be found
  7. Hold the door open for multiple people
  8. Leave a neighbor an anonymous gift
  9. Hand out candy canes
  10. Buy someone’s coffee
  11. Go caroling
  12. Leave cookies for the mailman
  13. Take a drive and look at Christmas lights
  14. Make a toilet paper roll wreath
  15. Make sugared almonds
  16. Leave reindeer food outside for Santa’s reindeer
  17. Read a christmas story
  18. Spend an entire day without electronics (no phones, computers, TV)
  19. Be a Secret Santa at school today
  20. Send thank you notes to 3 people
  21. Send Christmas cards to family members
  22. Head to a park or public place and pickup trash
  23. Go to JayC and Walmart and take random carts to their appropriate place
  24. Call your grandparents
  25. Leave thoughtful post-it notes for friends
  26. Make a snowman
  27. Write thank you notes to your teachers
  28. Tape microwave popcorn to the Redbox machine
  29. Leave quarters in the toy machines
  30. Show off your best smile all day
  31. Donate loose change to the Salvation Army
  32. Write letters to military personnel
  33. Give out compliments today
  34. Reconnect with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time
  35. Take dog food or treats to a local animal shelter
  36. Give a hug to someone who looks sad or upset today
  37. Sit with someone new at lunch today
  38. Leave birdseed and peanut butter sticks/balls for the birds and squirrels


I think this is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for joining us.

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