About RAK Louisville


What if we flooded our city with KINDNESS? All of us, just going out of our way through Random Acts of Kindness to the people around us. With no expectation of any benefit back to us and often time, being anonymous.

We can brighten someone’s day and change what kind of day they are having.  We can cause them to smile for just a few seconds because someone did something kind for them quite unexpectedly.

We have to be intentional about looking for opportunities to serve our neighbors. There are so many things we can do.

I think it is going to be awesome! Please join us for the month of December 2013, as we flood our city with Random Acts of Kindness. Hold a door open for someone, help the lady with the kids bag her groceries at Kroger, buy someone’s coffee, etc. If you have a good idea, please share it so others can follow your examples. Don’t live in Louisville? You may have to start one in your community!


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