Start someone’s day off right. Take them a fun breakfast!



This is something really easy to do to start someone’s day. They will surely have a great day if someone surprised them first thing in the morning! With Breakfast. Donuts!!!!

We went to Heitzman’s Bakery and got a dozen beautiful looking glazed donuts. (You can go anywhere. We went to Heitzman’s because it was close).

I took it back home and put a bow on it and then slowly walked it over to a neighbor’s house. We don’t know them very well but they have kids and they always seem friendly. I went over there and rang the doorbell. Their dog started to bark and I quickly ran away so they did not see me. I had to hide behind the big tree in our yard as they came out to look.

It was really exciting. I hope that they got the treats and had them for breakfast!!



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