Take a Step at a time – WaterStep


Have I mentioned that we have started a RAK Club at my school? It has been really so much fun and some hard work. I am very grateful that Mr.Morris, our Guidance Counselor is leading and sponsoring this club.

One of the projects that we worked on for WaterStep. WaterStep is an organization that offers select products for making water safe to drink in developing countries. They also work hard to fix water wells. Waterstep focuses on Safe Water!

One of the easiest ways that you can help is to host a Shoe Drive. Yes, a Shoe Drive. All the details are here. http://waterstep.org/shoes/shoedrive/ We held a shoe drive at our school and got over 775 pairs of shoes! Can you believe that? Waterstep will even come and deliver collection boxes at your school and they will pick it up.

It was the easiest project to manage because everyone has shoes that they have grown out of. You can involve your friends and family. And you can even have a shoe drive at your work, your neighborhood or even during a birthday party.

And Waterstep is located right here in Louisville, Ky. How cool is that.

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