Thank You WHAS11 & Great Day Live for spreading the word

photo 1[2]

We were on TV! In a real recording studio on Great Day LIVE.  It was an awesome experience and everyone was so very nice. It was a live show so I was a little nervous but it was so much fun.

Here is a link to the show:

Here is a link to the news story than ran later in the afternoon. Wow, it was quite awesome to be interviewed like that.


Here are some of the behind the scenes photographs.

photo 3[2]

The hosts of Great Day Live were so very nice. They were so encouraging and helped me stay calm. I really like them. They were so nice!


photo 4[1]

The University of Louisville sports set was there as well!!!

photo 2[2]


They really loved the idea of Ding Dong Ditch Donuts and Ding Dong Ditch ‘Dinner on Us” ideas.

photo 5


After Great Day Live, they also interviewed me for the news in the evening. We got to go into the News room. That was really a cool room.


photo 3[1]


The Middle School team from Southeast Christian Church all came and it was a good and fun surprise for me. Mr. JonnyMac came as well. Here’s all of them with my Dad!


This whole day was really lots of fun. And then I had to go back to school!

Don’t forget, please go out and RAK people – especially on December 23rd.


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