Wednesday Evening at the Forgotten Louisville



Yesterday, we went down to the Louisville Waterfront (Orange Lot) and joined a group of people to serve the Forgotten Louisville. Every Wednesday, from 7pm -8pm, people in need come to the Orange parking lot of the Waterfront for some dinner and basic needs items. It is a really laid-back time, you bring what you can and help serve those who need a helping hand.

This is once again a really easy way for us to care about our city.

What is The Forgotten Louisville:

A group of people who hit the streets every Wednesday to meet, feed, and clothe Louisville’s homeless

How can you be a part of this?

– Sign up to bring food for the evening. It is serving together so you can just bring what you can – maybe for 25 or more. You can also bring snacks and drinks. Different people bring different things. Sometime groups get together and bring things together. The RAK Louisville group took lasagna from Fazolis and breadsticks for dinner. We had enough for about 40 servings.

– You can bring snacks: Bananas, oranges, chips, crackers, cookies

– You can bring other basic needs: toiletries, diapers, coats, gloves, etc. Many people just drive in, bring out a table and place their items on a folding table behind their cars. People come and take what they need

– You can be a regular contributor. I think that if you are comfortable serving here, it would be good to do it on a schedule. We are wanting to have a RAK Louisville table there once a month. That way, they can count on us for one Wednesday a month. And, all of you can join us and check it out. I thought it was a great idea.


Who Can Do this:

– This is perfect for a group project, too. Like a family serving together or even for teams to do a service project together.

– I think you should be in 6th Grade or older. You should come with your parent or adult.

This is my friend, Aidan who came out last night with this family (Thanks for helping so much Garvey Family).



Quick Info

About The Forgotten Louisville:


I cannot imagine living in a car or shelter. I cannot imagine going to school or work and not being sure of a place to live or food to eat. The reason this is a good RAK because these people are troopers so we need to help them with at least food or essentials. So try it and see how it goes.



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